Buying gmod communities

Hi , i want to buy gmod communities which have at least one popular server with constant players.I’m willing to pay good money according to your wishes.
Locations only: USA , UK , Canada.

k, £2000?

Depends on what could you offer me.But even this amount of money is possible.My budget is bigger.
But with such as big sum of money we will need to discuss many security questions.

You have to be kidding

Absolutely not.Take me seriously.

Define “popular server with constant players”, how many players are you looking for on a daily basis?.
And also, how can we make sure you’re not scamming anyone here?

Why do you want these communities and what will you do with them? How do you intend on getting a return on your investment? And what about your big TF2 project? Is that shelved now?

You never manage to sound any less shady or clueless when you come back for another round.

Are you the one who tried to buy my servers from me earlier this week?

My community has like 20 bots throughout the day. Is that popular enough?

I’ll sell mine for £5000