Buying GMod for a friend. Couple questions.

well, first of all, im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section because i dont know where to post it.

well, my friends aniversary is coming, and i decided to buy him garry’s mod.
i asked him if he had any other source game. (without saying im buying him gmod)
he say he had left 4 dead 2.

so heres the question, actualy, their two.

  1. can he run garrys mod only having left 4 dead 2 or will he need to buy another source game?
  2. do you think garry’s mod is a good birthday present?

I think you should buy something a bit more expensive and materialistic than GMod, since it is his anniversary.

i thought so too, but he said he likes these kinds of games. you know, you can do anything?

You need at least half life 2 then other half life’s and counter strike to make the game more enjoyable (You miss alot of materials on servers without couner strike)
and no is not a very good present think harder.

if i gift him half life 2 and gmod will he be ale to play it?



Though CSS would also let him use alot of the mods etc, like pureblue said. Perfect gmod setup is Gmod+CSS+hl2+ep2

L4D and L4D2 do not support Garrysmod.
The guy above me is right, thats the perfect combination for Gmod.

Altho you could always buy him the Orange box + CS:S/Gmod pack, if he likes Team/Coop games, he will surely love TF2.

HL2 content is automatic, so Gmod+Css+ep2

But if you dont have HL2 you miss all the maps from it :C

Really? I’ve never even used any hl2/css/tf2/ep1/ep2 maps.

You mean you have never used the vanilla maps of those games? I’d bet you are a contraptionist then :stuck_out_tongue: Posers and movie makers always find maps useful.

I’m a wirer/Expressionist.

The whole source set-up is the price of a new cock of dooty game.

Orange box: $30
Garrys mod: $10
CSS + DOD: $20

total: $60.

im getting him garrys mod and hl2 then.

thanks for all your awsers ad replys!

No. Get him CSS and GMod at least. GMod will suck huge hairy balls without CSS.

You don’t need Half-Life 2, you just need ONE source game. It doesn’t have to be Half-Life 2. Check the garry’s mod page for the games that work.

will left for dead 2 work as a source engine game?

No, it is a different version of Source. Games that will work;

[li]HL2: Ep1[/li][li]HL2: Ep2[/li][li]Portal[/li][li]Team Fortress 2[/li][li]Day of Defeat: Source[/li][li]Counter Strike: Source[/ul][/li]
I recommend you buy the CS:S + GMod package if you are willing to spend a little more money, or if you have TF2, buy the TF2 + Gmod package so you would be able to play a good online game with him.

I recommend the CSS + Gmod package purely because I clearly remember how shitty it was to download a map only to find that because I didn’t have CSS I only saw purple and black. If he experiences this first, I doubt he’ll touch it again.

I reccomend HL2 episode 2- New NPCs, props…or episode 1.
HL2 comes with Garrys Mod, I think? So what you would want would be the above, counter strike, or all of them if you want to spend a bit more. :slight_smile: