Buying Legit PERP

Is there anyone that has a non-leaked version or is there anywhere I can buy the PERP gamemode?
I am willing to pay via Paypal.
Strictly No Leaked Version or DramaUnlimited Versions.I want the original copy.

Add me :

You’d have to speak with him, then

Okay thanks alot!


You sir, are an idiot.

At least someone is doing something unique, like actually supporting the developer (Which happens rarely around these 'ere parts.) :v:

As far as I know, pretty much every version of PERP is a leak. PERP has been edited and re-edited so many times it’s impossible for anyone to know what the legit version of PERP is. Then again, as Knallex said, if you really want a legit version, you would have to speak with Hunts. But even then, I expect you won’t get anywhere with him considering most gamemode developers are giant douches (except for a few).

ferreal bro its dank as fuck

Takes a douche to know a douche.

How is this useful at all?

I thought the legit owners of PERP died?

That implies that I’m a douche. If you think I’m a douche, then that makes you a douche as well using your logic.

Good job!