Buying rust key. Please Read !

Hey I am looking for anyone who would be willing and has a key they would sell to me I am very very interested In this game and seeing how there is no other way to get the game at this time I am desperate
this is the game I have been waiting for forever something that is my favourite about games having to survive build and grow.

If you have a key please please Pm me on Steam or on here My steam Profile link is -no-

~Jared Thank you.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Atleast you’re acknowledging that you’re desperate.

no :~)

Yes I am haha I am deleting this thread as I have just read the rules sorry facepunch and sorry Garry
<3 :frowning:


And I don’t care if this is a meme post, shitty threads need shitty posts and let’s not forget how many freakin’ threads just like this just keep appearing like cancer.

You will get a chance at Rust eventually, likely when the game is more in its completed state and not a buggy piece of garbage, hence why it is a closed alpha IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Not sure how to delete thread I Apologize for Shitty thread I have read the rules

Andf Carrot Did you just make an accoutn to shit on rust or what bro? whats the deal Its not a garbage game chill man its A work of art

He’s not shitting on Rust. I completely agree with him, Rust is a broken down mess, and you shouldn’t be so desperate about playing it before it’s more or less fixed and updated.

IMO. Rust is in a broken state.
Its concept is brilliant.
I don’t see rust as a pile of waste or polished.
It is in its own universe somewhere between watermelon and kleiner.

I’ve been up for awhile I don’t know what im typing right now

Reported for spam

Read it, saw the signature, reported for spam.

Lol at how hostile this forum is I just want this thread deleted because I know i messed up on asking for key right before reading rules I have apologized and hope you understand oh and sorry for the fucking signature