Buying Rust?

So when will the rust beta ( and or Alpha ) Be able to be bought? I know many people would want to buy it now and if you let it be bought to the public you could raise you’re funds and pay for more servers. I would just like to know if or when I could buy it along with many other people.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

They haven’t said anything about when you will be able to buy it :slight_smile:

Give it approx. 6 months before we get any information regarding being able to actually buy Rust without the need of keys. They’re currently more focused on making/bug fixing the game than marketing it.

If they did release it everybody would get mad because of all the bugs. Be patient! Would you rather have a diamond or a piece of coal? I don’t even have a key.

I’d rather buy the game and support it, And yes I already read the Sticky, I just want to know more. Again i’d rather help the game and be able to give feed-back rather just watch it on it’s own.

When did this game actually get released? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait till the game comes out, once it’s out of Alpha/Beta, it will start to sell.

There is no information on that.

Yeah its not getting released for awhile

That wasn’t needed he wasn’t asking for a code he was asking when you could buy it.

No hes still asking for the purchase of the product, and in that sticky thread its clearly said not to make new topics about when the game will be out, how to but it etc.

EDIT: Doesn’t matter if he wants the key or the game in the end he asks for the product.

ACK!! Take my money, I’ll buy access. Where can I buy a key?
Currently you can’t. Best advice is to become a member of the community and as keys are released (if they are) you will get access to getting your hands on one.


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It’s bundled with Half-Life 3.

What needs to happen, is someone needs to make a sticky and title it something like:

“Information about Rust Keys - Read Here”.

Instead of:


No one is going to read a thread with a bullshit title like that, stickied or not. Then, allow people to comment in the thread, or ask questions. While this will not completely eliminate new threads popping up, it will drastically reduce them. I get that this isn’t a “professional game dev site”, but the mods here could at least TRY to use a little tact.

Just my $0.02.

Guess we’ll just have to ban everyone who can’t read then.

That’s what I meant by tact. Learn a little.

People who gave you dumb are so stupid.

I 100% completely agree with you to be honest. I haven’t read most of the rules about the Rust keys, because I don’t open shit threads with full caps. The drawing contest is stupid too, you have to be good at drawing to get into the closed alpha, and some of the people put some REAL good effort into the drawings, yet they got nothing so far.

But we’ll just have to half a year until they finally open sales. And it’s going to be great.