Buying Server thats in Co-Location

I’m interested in buying a server that is currently in co-location, please give me price for the server and a monthly charge. I also want it so it is up and running with gamemodes such as GMOD & CSS.

Many Thanks,

Its not gonna be cheap your looking at £500 + for a box maybe more depends on OS, then a monthly charge of about £42 then if you want a control panel another £11 a month. Also if someone else is doing this for you they would want a profit for the hassle so even more. So unless your a large community or a up and coming GSP its gonna be an expensive venture.

Try one of these as they mange it for you.

Not sure if it supports Garrys Mod Though you would have to ask them.

Jup i dont know now at the point but thats gonna cost alot of money.


I wouldn’t say £500+. That’s extremely steep for a colocated box. Looking at least £150+ per month, depending on box quality etc.

In the first post he asked for a price for a box then for a price to colocate a box also £500 is made up with and it also depends if he wants a big price in the short term but a highly reduced long term price and actually own a server or pay a high monthly cost for a server he will never own.

1U Case = £90
1U PSU = £50
1U CPU Cooler = £30
Motherboard £50 =
RAM £33 =
OS £260 =
CPU £116 =
HDD £35 =

Unless he owns the OS a server can easily go over £500

You can always use Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro if you don’t need the features of a Windows server OS. Obviously this would mean a panel like TCAdmin would be a bit pointless because of the connection limit in Pro versions of Windows.

In addition to UberMensch’s comments, just nLITE any of the crap that you won’t be needing in the OS to save on space and other resources.

@Ubermensch: You can unlimit the connection limit in Windows XP Pro in accordance with TCAdmin’s knowledge base article ( however, it can only be increased by 40 connctions.

Blimey never knew that.

It’s not much, but if you’re running XP Pro for the reason of financial concern, you shouldn’t need more than 40.