Buying VMF entities in DarkRP

Hello there :slight_smile:

So I’m trying to make the ships from Pirate Ship Wars buyable on a DarkRP server. Like you can buy cars on some servers, I wanna be able to buy ships the same way (or something similar). Or if I convert the VMF into a BSP and making a contact to sever files, I don’t know if this is possible, but I’m pretty sure that there is a way to make the map communicate with the sever files. Or is there another way?

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Are you trolling? Because if anything those are entities, not maps

No, Im just looking for a way to buy ships in DarkRP

Can you get the entity classnames of the ships, I haven’t played Pirate Ship Wars so I don’t know them.
Also they are not going to be .bsp as that is the extension of a map file

entity classnames?
They are not entitys, thats the problem. They are created in Hammer

Um, so it’s a map.
I think there is a tool to put multiple maps together, but I’m not sure.

You probably wont be able to use thoughs

I would use a tool called Propper to convert the ship vmf into a model that you can spawn and move in Garry’s Mod. Mapping section might be some help if you’re not sure how to set it up.

Just came accros this, the wikisays something about it.
Thanks for the help though.

This would make it a MODEL, not a drivable vehicle. If you’d want that, you need some more programming than just buying a spawnable model.

But I just came across this Ship
I’m working on re-writing it, as it is a bit old. I’m thinking of just using the Propper to convert my ship out, and then change the model. :slight_smile:

Don’t use It’s the old website where people could share their content, before ToyBox (Garry’s Mod 12) and the Steam Workshop got big. The website contains only old material and nothing on there is guaranteed to work as since the big update on Garry’s Mod more than a year ago, loads of thing have changed.

I know, but the workshop doesn’t have everything, and some of the stuff on still works.

Some, but far from all.