Buying Weapons with Economy

Ok so i am facing a challenge in my server where some people want to be able to buy C4 and some others don’t like it for obvious reasons
now what im looking for is what people think of this and a bit of feedback on the topic.

C4 is a bit much. There’s a fine balance between pleasing the little kiddies who want to spawn with everything without gathering and those who want to earn it properly.

eco is not my thing at all, don’t use it!

Adding C4 or supply signals is probably one of the worst things you can put in the economy.

Its ok if your some Pay to win lover with no time/ too much cash.

Would make Rust get boring quickly tho, half the fun is saving up for a big raid for a few nights, not knowing if you will be raided first, or fail in the raid and loose 3 days farming, or if it will all pay of and make you the new lord of the server.

I think you would see your server die after a few weeks of pay to win.

could do it, but the price would have to be huge to offset the potential for imbalancing the round:) and even then it might be advisable to limit how many/how often they can be purchased.

I played on a server with the eco mod for quite a time and the admin added c4 some day.
It kinda ruined everything.

I’m not familiar with economy (haven’t played in a while), I doubt there’d be an issue if you sold a basic pistol, pipe shotgun, handcannon, or bow. But I wouldn’t want to see anything greater than those. Plus economy really seems to be the players that are already fully geared have the most money, so they just want a shortcut to get more C4 to blow up the world.

No. Everything is on the map. Harvest it and start making.

But if you sell me a fully made castle base… that’s another story.

When you think about a feature, think about what it adds to the game.

Despite the fact that Rust is supposed to be a survival game where social interaction always walks hand-in-hand with danger, there’s room to do a limited barter economy with a little effort and a fair amount of softcode. That might at least add something to the game: promote interaction, player-driven supply and demand, allow for emergent bandit activity, advance one possible game theme etc. etc.

But the economy mod that’s out there now is a shortcut, a way for people to sit in their house and buy what they don’t want to go get or can’t find from invisible delivery men.

Like warkit pvp servers, it’s something that can be fun for a while, but has no lasting value and very little relation to the point of Rust.

Yeah i wouldn’t add C4 for no one i really need to check and see what i should add for balancing

Waiting for a clan to set up a swap shop in game, i.e not eco mod. Have a decent secure ‘shop’ and security and trade out stuff long term.

Weird but real fun I would say, then the whole server can try and rob them!