Buying Working/Fixed PERP Gamemode

Hello, I am willing to pay for a working and fixed PERP gamemode.

Please, feel free to add me on steam at so we can discuss.

It will be hard good luck!

Still looking for a Fixed and Working PERP

Your first post and this post have 1 hours difference.

It’s not as if you aren’t going to change your mind in an hour?

Scammer…I gave him a fixed one then he deleted me

You can’t sell gamemodes that arn’t your without the creators permission, which is Hunts I think.

Best of luck

Now please go away.

All PERP gamemodes there are full of bugs.

$200 plx

$50. Fully working and customized. :o

Really? $50 for a gamemode that’s not even yours, which you fixed a few bugs and probably just added cars and called it custom.



Hes a scammer guys. He stole like 3 PERP3’s already.

At this rate Perp is going the way of Dark RP every little script kiddy is going to own it. Although this is way worse. Its like some sort of top secret drug deal we don’t know about.

People should be smart enough to troll this kid.

No one had the idea of including a little backdoor in the gamemode you “sell” him so he rages to the infinite and further?

you are the worst kind of person