/buypistol and /buyshipment

basicaly i want someone to tell me what to remove to remove the /buypistol command and also remove the defaults shipments so i can replace them

NOTE : if you find how to remove default pistols to remplace them i would be thankfull also


For DarkRP

bump help please

Look in the Darkrp Gamemode folder then (assuming you have a somewhat up to date version) open addentities.lua.

Top 11 lines are the default weapons. I’m guessing you just need to cut them out/edit them to your liking or if you want to keep that there but deactivate it just stick // in front of the lines you want to deactivate.

/buypistol can be disabled with some RP command, I think it is ‘rp_enablebuypistol 0’.

i have version 2.3.7 but i guess i might need to go for another version because theres no addentities.lua in the gamemode folder :S so do you have the solution for 2.3.7 or i should realy go for svn or later version

Get the SVN.


Thank you kind Sir

Both of you for link and folder to use

I’m having the same problem… What do i do with the svn?