BWG Wiped-1/24 [US West] [PvP][Sleeper][Oxide]

Hi Guys we are up an running an looking for a few good players to populate our server. Our Server is currently at 50 slots but will grow as our community grows. We have a nice little community 5-15 regulars an wanting to expand our ranks with players who relish in the spirit of competitive gameplay. We Compete We Quest & We Conquer! With dynamic events planned, Community choice Mods an continual updates its time to carve yourself out a plot of land an immerse your self in the definitive survival experience. We have friendly an approachable admin also =) & wipes are announced ahead of time & usually to coincide with major content releases. I hope you join us & enjoy your stay.

Its a blank canvas looking for creative players to make there mark. An bend the land & its people to there will. Were also looking for artist who just like creating fun objects within the world. Join us an our community you gonna have a lot of fun.

Connect to the server:
Hit F1 to bring up the console and then type:

Or Search The Community List for:
BWG Wiped-1/24 [US West] [PvP][Sleeper][Oxide]


Server Features:
-50 Slots Hosted in LA
-50% Crafting time
-Modified drop tables for airdrops
-Mature and active admins
-Anti Decay (so you can have a life away from the game)
-Skills & Perks
-Remover (so if you make a mistake or need to relocate it is easy for you to do)

Security Features
-Fix Your Name
-Truth Enforcing on

Rules [bannable offenses]:
-No Griefing
-No impersonating other players.
-No hacking/cheating/using exploits.

Updates will also be posted at:

Very fun server
Cool and friendly people
real nice admin does’nt abuse his power
Come find it and try it out

Do you have money, if so how often is it awarded, and are we able to buy supplies with it?

Great Server, fair admins, they do have money and bounty’s you can buy somethings. You get 1000 when you join the server then get money by killing zeds and bears ect. You also get half the money someone has if you kill them.