Bwhitelist Lua error

Hello there,

Recently I bought Bwhitelist on
After installing the addon and activating the license it looked like it worked but…
When I type: Bwhitelist. In console it keeps saying this error (at the startup of the server it says this aswell):

[ERROR] addons/_bwhitelist-revamped-1-5/lua/bwhitelist/sh.lua:161: Calling net.Start with unpooled message name! [http/]
1.Start - [C]:-1 1.nets - addons/_bwhitelist-revamped-1-5/lua/bwhitelist/sh.lua:161
2.unknown - addons/_bwhitelist-revamped-1-5/lua/bwhitelist/cl.lua:1142

I really need some help!
Thank you!

Seems like you did not follow the instructions on activating the script. Also you should create a ticket on Scriptfodder instead of here.

I did but they won’t help because they say it’s not a problem of Bwhitelist but of DarkRP.
And I did follow the intructions and I did verify!