Bwitish Awmy



British army with M16s?
Nice picture by the way.

They ain’t British, they are Bwitish! They have special ops weapons and special ops armor and special ops teeth and pimp mobiles and stuff…y’know?

this makes tons of sense. no royal commando unit is complete without a big pink fruity looking car plowing across the landscape

I’ve never liked the face on the dude in the middle. No matter what I do, he always looks like a pervert.

realistically speaking the SAS did / probably does use m16a2s or a4s.

The SAS uses Diemaco C8s. Pretty much any Commonwealth special forces branch use either C8s or M4s. I remember that the Royal Marines Commandos used to use the M16, not sure if they switched up to the M4 or not.

Everywhere I look the Commandos are on the L85 as per.

SAS used to be on the 16A2 back in 91.

Oi look at us we’re british and all that take a picture of us before we sit down to tea and crumpets wouldn’t want crumbs on our uniforms for the picture, eh ol chap? pip pip cheerio

Orig is better.

The hell is the Pope doing in uniform?