'by PlayRust.EU' Wipe incoming (Dupe fix)

Good evening everyone,

a wipe is coming within the next 20 minutes. Usually we warn people in advance, but as the duplication bug was now released public everyone started duplicating. Sorry for those who were playing legit, we hope you ain’t too angry and understand that a wipe is necessary in this case. Enjoy the weekend and happy playing!

Servers have been wiped. Enjoy the fresh map :wink:

Will we loose BP too?

¿Full wipe? ¿Or building wipe? because duplication only affect buildings.

We did so good this time and now wipeout again :\

Well since it’s about duping I’m guessing it’s a full wipe.

Thanks for the warning, no point in building the next floor onto my house.

will the normal uk server be wiped

It affected all items. Non-sleeper and non-pvp servers probably DO NOT GET WIPED.

What about blueprints etc?

Non-Sleeper servers will need a wipe. PVE won’t.

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You will loose them. They’re part of your inventory.

I mean, will be a full wipe losing the learned blueprints? because dupplication doesn’t affect that.

We’re not operating those, but I assume yes.

Yea think i might just wait a month or two. Fricken wipe every 2 days

thank you

Even with wipe the dupe is still out there… Within less than 24 hours the same bull will be going on. So wipe every 24 hours?

Thanks iDarkZ_ :DDDDDDD

Obviously they patch the bug first and then wipe servers.

It’s Alpha, you should of known before you bought the game/got the key and decided to put hours and hours of work into it.

When the servers will be wiped+ restarted? 20Min passed!

So what you are saying is that a fix is already out there?

Yes, a fix is being applied before the wipe. Obviously.