By request of rick darkaliono

Tacoscript is now public, and to be posted on all the roleplay sites.
this is by the orders of rick darkariono.

Invalid download link.
But seriously, did he officially allow this?

I’m thinking this is an April fools joke.

Damnit Spacemarines, you’ve got that.

…A poorly planned April Fools joke.

I’d call it an April Fails joke, if anything.



Sigh. Rejoice young Jake, your joke wasn’t funny like it was to be, but It was seriously annoying like now days jokes are.

I haven’t been this disappointed since that fake bleach movie was released today.

Hey Rick, would you mind if I got your Steam Friends name so I could add you, man? Please You’re awesome. Just PM it to me if ya want to, or if you dont want to do it at all thats fine. I would really like to be your friend though.

Lol jake is a fag who cant code

Look. If Rick was releasing Tacoscript, HE would do it. OK?

Lock this thread? This is months old.

Ahem, a year old, not just months.