By the Moon Light

At first, I thought the moon was :v:

I studied that thing on the right and I can’t tell what it is.

However, it is a pretty nice picture, I like the :v: moon with some wierd green shit on it too!

Dammit I forgot what the name of that thing was. :saddowns:


And very moody picture. Love it. The Ears on Umbreon look odd though(they have to be straightened out, almost like a pointed cylinder), the TF2 style surroundings give the impression of a pokemon-like world, and Rayquaza in front of the moon is a nice touch. And the small group of Sheinja is nice too.

ruined by the pokemon model

Not really. It somewhat matches the picture.

So its a pokemon standing on some mountain-ish top?

The jpeg compression is horrible but apart from that I really like this.