By the nine, the lag will kill us all!

I dont know WHAT happened since i last played, but nearly every server i play on these days has the rubberband issue, and its not just me, others are complaining as well. I knew this was a problem when i decided to take a break from rust 2 months ago, but it seems to be so much worse now. Yesterday i even had a DESYNC issue where i couldnt do anything other than walk around.

mainly happens on every server where the maps are too stuffed. find a server that was wiped 1 day ago if it has kits, or maybe 2 days if it doesnt have too many kits n shit

The problem is, any server more then a few days old has buildings everywhere and lags your game each time you move and load one on your screen. Making buildings load in lower quality, or just load slower in general might help fix this. Either that, or have building restrictions and add remover tool so people don’t have to build giant suicide bases.

no. the onyl thing that helps is stricter decay for stuff like shelters and workbenches that arent attached to foundations/buildings where the doors are used. and improvements of the code. it doesnt lag cuz of the building quality or anything, it lags cuz when the server is STUFFED, too many people demand too much data of where stuff is located at once.

and wipes ofc.


shit guys, that lag is such a bastard.

I would like to see a limit on how many foundations a person could place, say 4 of metal and four of wood. Want a huge sprawling base? no unless you have lots of friends or con noobs to place one of theirs for early goodies. They could still build to the sky. Just something to keep the buildings down a bit to help with lag

i played on 3 different servers today and it was all fine

Congratz, I can find 50 servers where its all fine. Try a 60+ ppl server that hasnt been wiped for a few days, one with kits preferrably.

Forcing restrictions on players simply because the game isn’t optimized right now is such a silly idea…