ByB Server community shutting down

Wow it’s been a long run but they actually just announced that they’d be shutting down in the next week or so.
You can check their twitter. This really sucks :confused:

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

I’m glad that ByB isn’t even shutting down in the beta…

I found your post very offensive to my indian culture.

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

Is anyone else noticing that this guy has posted on a ton of the Gmod threads with the same reply?


Finally… they were such a shit community with shit servers anyways.

They aren’t actually shutting down, this person is going around the forums trolling/spamming.


wanna get sether hackend kid im friends with anonymous

That joke isn’t funny when it’s posted on the GMod 12 forums, just a heads up :stuck_out_tongue:

How random.

ByB is not closing down, not now nor in the beta. If you don’t like ByB then don’t play there.

Reported for spam/troll.

Be sure to report Ponies too, they spammed nearly every thread on the front page of this section.

Aye Aye Captain!

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