"Bye bye" Hitman blows up a building (Badass Contest Entry)

Well, here is my first entry for the Badass Editing Competition. I spent hours and hours reading tutorials and understanding GIMP for this to happen… If you like the pic, you should also thank The V-Man, thanks to his amazing tutorial I learned alot of shits I just couldnt learn for my dumb self.

"In the end, it still ended up in a boom…"


EDIT: Added another version of the Pic, with more explosiveness! and the original :slight_smile:

More explosive version.




C&C people!

It looks pretty good, although the explosion may be a little too transparent.

I don’t think it looks explosiony enough.

I have to agree with you Shotup, I tried to make it a little darker but it started looking suxy, and I couldnt just copy paste the explosion since it would look fugly too :stuck_out_tongue: It was probably my mistake for not taking more time to edit the boom, but im happy with the result anyway ^^

Explosion on the bottom left looks like lava

Nice Wesker model. Graphics and AA need a turn up.

They are at max, I think I fucked up the pic while editing. (when choosing quality of the pic and stuff :X)

Bump! Edited the OP. Added another version and original. Rate & Comment people!

The rimlighting is a little large dont’cha think?

Posing looks weird, he’s sticking his chest out a mile.

I don’t like excuses but its the model >.< The model is almost IMPOSSIBLE to pose well, but it was the one that suited my motives better… But yeah, your right, he is really sticking his chest a lot :x

@Enhanced Ai

Well, Its an explosion, I guess rim lighting on explosions is that way, maybe a little softer but the editing is more artistic than realistic :v:

Omg it’s wesker!

V-Man’s tutorial?.. Can I have some of this?

Because what you’ve done is awesome.

Cool, this reminds me of Resident Evil. Oh, of course. There is Albert Wesker! :fuckyou:

Wesker noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I’m glad that some people liked my work ^^


http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=723271 <- Here is it. I think is the best GIMP tutorial around Facepunch :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything that DOESN’T remind you of Resident Evil?

No. Even my ass reminds me of Resident Evil’s naked zombies. :v:

Where? Oh, and just a comment. Christ, you must have a ugly ass then.

Pretty bad editing, actually. The explosions just look silly.

Posing is okay though.