Bypass cupboard limitations.

Can’t place a cupboard on your second floor after placing one on the bottom because it’s within range? Do the opposite. Place one on your fourth floor, then one on the second, then one at the bottom. Since cupboards don’t protect downwards anymore, it’s possible \o/
P.S: Oh yeah, I’ve done this. And people called me a hacker while trying to raid me because “Rabble rabble rabble you couldn’t place several cupboards in a 2x2 tower rabble rabble rabble I’ll report you to the admin, EAC AND THE FBI!” Silly sods. (I’ll give a virtual kiss on the cheek to whoever understands this reference)

BUT THAT’S NOT IT! Since your main cupboard is at the top, the second one in the middle and the last one at the bottom, they can authorize at the bottom and STILL BE BLOCKED WHEN THEY REACH A HIGHER FLOOR. And you can do this with as many cupboard/floors as you want. Be creative. Make people hate you for being clever. BE LIKE ME. GET ALL THE GIRLS!

Love <3

I did this before the update, so… nothing chances to me hudsahudsahudhsahdsahdsahudsa
ok… know other trick?
put the cupboard directly on the ground, without fundations and suround it with fundations and walls, more protection, you can use the space to put one or even more secrect stash to keep the better loot, when raiders come and go away without nothing expending 20 C4 + without can make more C4 or getting new ones, they really hate you, BE CLEVER, BE LIKE ME. GET ALL THE GIRLS!!!

I’ve been doing this since they changed the exclusion zone from a sphere to hemisphere. Placing it on a foundation often means that people are still able to build next to your base if they happen to be slightly lower than what the cupboard blocks.

i use to build next to bases with lower field in range to jump in the roof, is amazing easier xD