Bypassing gmod lua file limit

So, ive been looking around if there is any way to bypass the lua/addon limit for my darkrp server. But i can’t find a working solution. SO if anyone knows anything about this please post it here!

The file limit is there for a reason…

i just wanted to add 4 more addons, so i don’t find that im going over the limit too much. and also, i fixed it…

Put what files you can together in the same file if you’re really that stupid and desperate.

make it luception.

I don’t think it works like that, considering it counts per .lua file, not per ‘Addon’.
But you can consolidate same-name files as one in two addons.

[lua]function IncludeFile(path)
if !path return end
RunStringEx(file.Read(path, “DATA”), path)
print(“Succesfully ran file:” … path)
if not fileCount then
fileCount = 1
fileCount = fileCount + 1

shove your addons into /data/ folder, and start IncludeFile(path to addon)

it will bypass the lua limit, though i shouldnt feed this to you.


Limits suck and should be raised.