Bystander Effect

I really like the posing. You could have eased off the blur just a bit, though.

Good but I think the stun stick glow is a bit to dark. I remember the stun sticks always having more of a cyan glow than dark blue.

Ragdoll Mover by any chance?

Nope, it’s all posed via the physgun.

Damn, you did well posing the guy right next to the floor then, it’s usually a pain the ass to get them that close to the ground.

Well done.

I used no collide everything, it’s gets rid of world AND self-collision.

Well whenever I’ve used that tool on ragdolls it’s never worked properly, it always just does it to one part of their body and doesn’t let me do it to any other part, I might have a shitty version though, I don’t know.

You sure it’s no collide everything and not no collide world?

Fuck…I’ll make sure to download that.