BZip and Auto Download Help Needed

I need some help with compressing files for gmod, and some auto download help…

*Is it possible to BZip2 folders like (models, materials) rather then bzip each file?
This would take really long seeing that i have PHX3, Kermites weapon’s pack, etc (which is very large in size when uncompressed).

All of my addons are in my, well addons folder. I have PHX3 and a HTTP Server.

*How would I make PHX3 be able to work with sv_downloadurl on my HTTP? I read from :

that I cannot upload a addons to sv_downloadurl. Would I have to take the folder from PHX3 such as


and put it like this into the sv_downloadurl?



How do I turn off auto-downloading on my garrys mod server?!
I want to prevent people from downloading my content using the “gmod autodownload” when they connect to my server. This causes massive lag, and being that my addons is about 4gigs, they will never finish the download.

I have tried:
sv_allowdownload “0”
sv_allowupload “0”
cl_allowdownload “0”
cl_allowupload “0”

in my server.cfg ,not in console though, but I checked and it was at the values I put in server.cfg . I have tested with friends and they still had files download to their GMOD before they got on my server.

If I can force off the “gmod autodownload” feature on my server I won’t have to worry about lag from other people joining.

I plan to use FTP (via Fullsync) if I cannot bzip folders for HTTP Server to use sv_downloadurl. Bzipping each file is just too much work, esp w/ massive packs like PHX3 that gets freq. SVN updates.

Will running a dedicated server on Windows 2000 Server OS yield more performance? Would having server edition matter? If not what would be the best “Windows OS” for making a HTTP/FTP/Source Dedicated Server?
The PC I will use for dedicated server hosting will have a Celeron D overclocked to 3.8-4ghz and 2gigs of ram at 533mhz.
With these specs, would Windows 2000 give more speed? I figured it would since it uses much less resources.

I made a tutorial regarding this kind of stuff. Your best bet is to find some web hosting (free, preferably, but sometimes they block incoming connections so just do a test file before uploading tons of shite)
Tut link here:,1037.0.html

That answeres question 2.

Question 1: No. Not that I’m aware of though I hear of something that does uz2 files which works for mats, models and sounds but you can’t just put an entire folder in one.

Question 3: Surely not letting people download kinda defeats the purpose of Q1&2? If a web hosting system is causing the server lag it blatantly hasn’t got enough bandwidth and/or hardware to cope which brings me onto the next question.

Most good servers use a windows server edition, so going off the track seems odd to me and i wouldn’t be too suprised if shit broke. Also, a Celeron? Last I checked, they’re a load of shite even when overclocked, and you might want to get faster + more ram.

Also that guide SHOULD be mostly correct. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply :).

**I aked if i can turned off autodownload in garrys mod because I may chose to use FTP (via Fullsync.) **

Instead of having people download my adddons using garrys mod (which is hell of alot slower w/o sv_downloadurl), they have to get the addons using a program called “FullSync”.

They will have to put my FTP link, and set the destination to there addons folder, so they get any updates I make to my addons folder when they press “sync”. The good thing about this is that they can set it to have a exact copy of my addons folder, or just update from my folder so it won’t interfere with other mods they have. This would prob provide the fastest d/ling for my clients, and is much easier.
Is there any way to turn it off or set the speed to like 1KB so users have to use the Fullsync client? **
My hardware is pretty good, but my upload speed is about 300KB max. I don’t like the speed/reliablity of the gmod auto-downloader. I know with Fullsync from my FTP they’ll get the files much faster and is much more reliable.

I wouldn’t have your clients download PHX3 upon joining your server, I think it would make the noobs angry that they couldn’t join quickly and it would use alot of bandwidth. BUT! It is your server, so do what you like. Just my .02

thats why i want to turn the autodownload off :p. how will i be able to do that?

If it’s your addons, you will have to edit the files in the addons and remove the resource.AddFile() lines, If it’s that force downloader script, you should be able to simply delete it.

sorry for late reply, i’m not sure what you mean by this…how will i go about doing this? This will prevent users from downloading anything from my server?

Wait, you want your users to download everything off of an HTTP server right? Your question is kind of confusing.

i want my users to have to get the updates (addons) from my website as a big package (mirrored on megaupload), then do minor updates using FullSync through my FTP.