bzip for content pack?

Hello, I want to make a content pack players can download and place in addons in case they have problems with our FastDL. Can I simply make a zip of the fastdl directory (models, materials, etc)? They are all .bz2 compressed. Or do they have to be uncompressed?

is this a workshop pack or something you plan to host externally

They must not be bz2 compressed. The fastdl mechanism only automatically uncompresses on download.

If you want to uncompress all files inside the folders, first copy the folder, then cd to it an run:

find . -type f -exec bzip2 -d {} \;

Externally, but does it make a difference? I might have it on the workshop too.

You will need to make the content into addon form before compressing it. Simply copying your FastDL wont work because the folder structure is not the same as the addon structure. Based on the intelligence of most gmod players they will screw something up if you don’t make it simple for them to just place the stuff in the addons folder.

Unless you are talking about a workshop download in that case you can just pack all of the workshop files into a zip and there shouldn’t be any problems.

ServerContent/(materials, models, etc) is proper addon form is it not? I was just asking if I have to uncompress the .bz2s first.

What? This has nothing to do with what I asked. My FastDL is fine.

FastDL structure must mirror standard folder structure or else it won’t work.


Like I said, my FastDL is working fine. That has nothing to do with my question, which has been solved with Sapd’s post.

Okay as nobody is able to answer that:

Make a new folder, you will send this folder to your players.

Put a addon.txt in this folder

	"name" "Addon name"
	"author_name" "Sweepyoface"
	"info" "" 

Put your content in this folder

You can now compress it directly in GMA if you want, and send it to your players, they can put it in addons folder.
But you can also compress it into zip, send it, and tell the players that they should extract it into addons.
(it doesn’t matter if you put it as a folder into addons or as a gma)