C&C 3 Zone Trooper & Raider Ragdoll

I would like to request the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars/Kane’s Wrath Zone Trooper and zone Raider be ported as ragdolls. I do realise the models would have terrible texture qualities, due to being made for smaller scale models. But I would be happy if they were brought into GMod. Please forgive the gratuitously large images, as they were the only good ones I could find
Zone Trooper Concept:

Zone Trooper, In-Game:

Zone Raider, Concept:


Zone Raider, In-Game:


Any attempts at these models would be appreciated, especially seeing as what I and my friend have planned in space build requires these models.

Were the raiders specific to Kane’s Wrath?
I don’t remember those in C&C 3
If so, I may need to go find a copy.

When I said C&C 3, I was referring to both Tiberium Wars and the expansion Kane’s Wrath.

Ahh, good point.