C&C Reborn Request

Hey all. I was hoping someone could port over a couple ton of models to Gmod from C&C Reborn (a mod for C&C Renegade, it should be pretty easy) as Citizen NPCs.
The models are-

  • GDI/Nod Light Infantry
  • GDI Disc Thrower
  • GDI/Nod Engineer
  • GDI Jumpjet Infantry
  • Nod Rocket Infantry
  • Nod Cyborg
  • Nod Cyborg Commando

I understand there’s 9 models there, but considering they would only be Citizen NPCs it should not too hard of a task. Thanks.

I recently tried to import models from Command and Conquer: Generals & Zero Hour, unfortunately the model format (w3d) is a proprietary format and the specifics of it aren’t publicly known. From what I’ve compiled from the interwebs, Renegade uses the same model format as the two games I tried to port from. Which means that you can’t simply find a converter for it since there isn’t one.

Your best hopes are to actually rip it from the game. I’m sorry for the bad news.

Didn’t expect it to be as simple as IMPORTING, otherwise I would have done it myself a long time ago… So, could anyone with the needed skills rip the models?

I don’t think anybody wants to use their own time to rip models from that game. The method I suggested would mean you’d have to be in game and use some DXRipper or whatever it’s called.
It’s time consuming and if you want it done then do it yourself. :downs: