[C++] ConColorMsg problem.

Hey guys.

I decided to play around with making binary modules, and figured a useful first thing to make would be a print function where you need to specify an RGB value for the color of the message.
I have found through looking through the SourceSDK and other people’s code that the function I need is ConColorMsg. However, I encountered a problem.

Using the following code…

#define GAME_DLL

#include <GMLuaModule.h>
#include <cbase.h> 
#include <dbg.h>

// Module definition
GMOD_MODULE( Init, Shutdown );
// Globals
ILuaInterface* g_Lua = NULL;

// Initialization
int Init( lua_State *L )
	g_Lua = Lua();
	ConColorMsg(Color(22,22,22,22), "CLuaInterface started at 0x%p
", g_Lua);

	g_Lua = Lua();
	g_Lua->SetGlobal("PrintC", PrintC);

	return 0;
// Shutdown
int Shutdown( lua_State *L )

	g_Lua->Msg("CLuaInterface shut down at 0x%p
", g_Lua);
	return 0;

…I get the following errors.

error C2079: 'ConsoleColor' uses undefined class 'Color'   28	1
error C2514: 'Color' : class has no constructors	  40 1

The errors are pretty obvious; the class Color does not exist. However, in all of the examples I have seen that use ConColorMsg, Color has been used in the same way as I use it.
I think this is because I am not including the header(s) that I need for this to work, but I might be wrong.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?
I also apologize if this seems like a newbie error, but I won’t pretend like I know what I am doing when it comes to making these modules.

Also, please do not tell me to go out and get gm_console or gmcl_extras. The point in this project is that I want to play around with making modules and see how they work, not use someone else’s module to expand on my palette of lua functions.

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I just saw this thread

Does that mean I am wasting my time with this? :confused:

Sorry but that function already exists in gm13.

if you want it for gmod 12 i think you need to include Color.h

Also, did you even include the color header?

Hmm, fair enough. However, I still want to get the ConColorMsg function to work in the code I provided. I plan to use it for a few other things (like, for instance, announcing me as the creator on initialization)
From what I remember of you when the binary module section was still in existence, you seemed like a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to this sort of thing. Would you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Edit: You guys replied faster than I could type this. Ill try including color.h

What Banana Lord said.