C.H.U.D. watching Alyx.


Incase you don’t know what a C.H.U.D. is. Rated R, 1984.

Its alright…not your best

The Blood looks strange



Sharpen… ugh…

When will people learn NOT to use it?

Eww sharpen.

Ew, when will dummies know that I never use sharpen, I use Bump Map.

Oh sorry. Sharpen with a different name.

Who cares what you call it; it looks as shit as sharpen because it looks exactly the same as sharpen.


Is quite good on Alyx but looks a little odd on the zombie. Another thing I just noticed is that the glowing eyes of the zombie dude aren’t actually over his eyes.

The pic looks awesome.Haha,hillarious how these guys were like its allright,but then Afro man mentioned sharpen and then they were like AWW MAN THAT SUCKS.I think its awesome with sharpen on !

… yeah because when Jayhawker30 says something we all have to agree. I’m certain I would have spotted the ugly sharpen (that isn’t sharpen) without any help.

Oh, oops.

Bump map makes it look like shit.