"C" Menu help

where would the function of opening the C menu be found, and is there a way to get the calling player?

The calling player is, of course, LocalPlayer().

I figured that out, I found my problem was with the ply:IsUserGroup, which is returning nil. :\

You must have some form of admin mod installed that’s interfering since vanilla IsUserGroup only returns true or false.
Use lua_run_cl PrintTable( debug.getinfo( FindMetaTable’Player’.IsUserGroup ) ) to find out what.

I am using ulx.

As far as I am aware, ULX’s Player.IsUserGroup returns the same as the vanilla function, true if the player is part of the group and false otherwise.

You will need to post whatever code you’re using for anyone to help any further.

if LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() then
code code code
more code code code

IsAdmin() doesn’t even work. should it be ply.IsAdmin or ply:IsAdmin? with ply:IsAdmin, it says that IsAdmin is nil. it used to say ply was nil, until I set ply = to LocalPlayer() (and eventually just made it LocalPlayer():IsAdmin), so I don’t think it is the ply part, but the second part (I want to say subvariable).

ply is for shared and server sided code, it won’t return anything for clients, so LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() should be correct.

just my two cents.

How do you know it’s retuning nil?

there used to be an error, I updated ulx and it’s gone now,

You fixed both errors by yourself without posting errors or code … why post in the first place? Next time make sure putting effort into your program doesn’t solve your problem before wasting your own and other’s time.

sorry, mate.