C model, wrist turns

Hello, its my first time posting here.

I really do not like to ask for help but I have had this problem for two days now.
I am trying to make a C model for a new SWep but for some reason it keeps twisting the wrist of the hands when looking around.

Here you can see the twist on the wrist:

I have tried:
Other qc settings.
Using standard pose(not edited at all)

other models and hands.

Nothing works and I cant find anything on the wiki for it.

Would love any help!
Regards Martin T.

it look like the bone moved on its own

Do you know how to fix it? I am still trying to fix it every day :confused:

The bone does move on its own. Bones like the wrists are generally helper bones which in Source are procedural bones. Info on them is located in the VRD file, not the SMD or QC. The QC should only show $proceduralbones vrdname.

You’re using the source files, right? Not a decompiled version? The VRD should look like this:

btw bones happen to move when ref and animations are not correct

I am using the model from here: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Using_Viewmodel_Hands
And the VRD file I got from a tutorial where I learned about this.

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I am also using the line: $proceduralbones c_arms_vrd.vrd
in the QC and I have the file called c_arms_vrd.vrd with all the code you gave from paste.


anims folder:

QC file has this in it:

Thank you very much!