C.O.M.E.T.H. 5 - The Ballad Of Black Mesa - A Retrospective (sex scene included)

In 2007, a great war erupted in the Videos forum between the angry, poorly-spoken representatives of one “Mighty Crane Productions,” later to become “Lit Fuse Films” and a small group of shadow agents known only as Da Bomb Squad. While several section heavyweights such as pcpwn and g_monkey sided with Lit Fuse Films, the mysterious and secretive Bomb Squad seemed eternally to have the upper hand. Lit Fuse godfather Zachariah Scott even went so far as to float conspiracy theories that Da Bomb Squad was funded and directed by a cabal of Facepunch moderators and Gold Members. However, this has never been proven.

This epic conflict came to a head with the release of Da Bomb Squad’s magnum opus, “C.O.M.E.T.H. 5 - The Ballad Of Black Mesa,” a controversially titled roman à clef so incendiary that only the first half remains, the second confiscated and destroyed by YouTube censors acting under the auspices of Universal Music Group (a subsidiary of Lit Fuse Films).

In the interest of history, and the preservation of the arts, I now present to you:

poorly executed…

woah at first i thought dis was going to be another one of those run of the mill machinamas we are all sick of seeing in css_office but this was really original and new and i liked the use of star wars music it made it beter imo

I remember these days.
Is shitty quality videos better or worse then the current standing of machinma today with random videos and poorly ignorant people. that is the question.

This made me want to watch Star Wars.

this is a masterpiece

hands down

I guess you can’t expect the realistic quality from todays machinima in the old days cause there wasn’t a real NEED for stuff like faceposing them talking :confused:


th89 your a hoot man.
You submitted this to gmod.com and put my username as the poster.
still working out why you did it…


After all this time this movie is still great.

Playing dumb I see…
thats combines job…
mm3guy told me who posted on gmod.com using my name…