Hey, im debating what to do, should i dedicate my time learning more glua or should i do c# instead, i have experience with both but not sure what to do, Which would be more fun/useful

It’s up to you, we can’t make the decision for you. Which one would you see the most use for?

Well wit C# i might have a carear, but with glua i can months or maybe years of fun! I Really carnt decide xD

C# is more useful and once you learn it learning lua isn’t too hard.

Edit: But then again Lua is a better starting language if C# is too hard for you.

Not to sound rude but English might want to be the language to focus on. Anyway, choose whatever one you will find more rewarding and fun.

I would suggest learning both but learn the one which you feel will be most immediately useful to you first.

You can do so much with C#! Some examples: Games, Dynamic websites, applications. And you can’t do much lua at all except for some addons for games like WoW and Garry’s Mod. Lua isn’t that popular


With C++ you can have a career & fun at the same time! :v:

c++ isnt that extensively used except for game development (and hacking lul), and even then, I was told by someone that its p derp to learn for career wise, better off learning a few other languages.

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tho i was only told

Do Lua first - results are faster, you have a ton of content available from the top, and you have a larger audience more willing to run code and test things. If you decide you like scripting or programming, then you can consider other languages.

First of all, not many people consider this, but Lua is more commonly used as a Scripting language, while C# is a Programming language.
It is all up to you whether you want to create your own programs or you want to script for an existing one, in this case Garry’s Mod.
It is way easier to use Lua, and like the post said above mine, you get results faster. But that’s because you already have an engine to work with, and you are scripting for it. Most of what you need is already available for you, unlike in C#, where you will have to code it yourself OR download a library.

We can only give you recommendations, but in the end it is all up to you which path you want to take, Scripting or Programming.
Also, the syntax in Lua is a little bit different from that in C#. Remember, if you learn the syntax of C#, you have basically learnt the syntax of Java and PHP as well.

C/C++ but only if you got some previous experience.

I Have a fairly good understanding of c#, I Have learn all ther basics, also about oop, classes, pointers, windows forms ect But should i keep going with that or switch to glua becuase glua seems more fun xD

Use Lua with Garry’s Mod if you want to make addons for Garry’s Mod and C# if you want to make independent programs. It’s up to you as there really isn’t a way to debate which one to use when they have entirely different purposes.


You can easily learn both… The operators and logic behind programming in both languages is identical, the only thing that’s different is syntax.