"C.Q.B." Simulation | Personal Mod (Garry's Mod)

#OperaciónRV #Entrenamiento #GuerraUrbana #EcuaciónAvanzada #Rehenes #Cirugía #ProdsElGeos

#VROperation #Training #UrbanWarfare #AdvancedEquation #Hostages #Surgery #ElGeosProds

¡Mucho gusto!
Por aquí les dejo mi último Gameplay respecto a mi versión altamente personalizada de la plataforma en cuestión.
Soy Generalista 3D, lo cual me ha permitido trabajar en una serie de planos que a fin de cuentas conformarían un compendio satisfactorio en cuanto a mi interés particular.

Espero que mi demostración resulte de entretenimiento…

Cordiales saludos

Hi there!
Here I’m leaving my latest recording respecting mi highly customized version from the specific platform.
I am a 3D Generalist (Hobbyist), a thing which has let me work on some planes in order to conform a successful result referring my personal interest.

I just hope that my demo would turn out to be of your entertainment.


Looks incredible if you did all of this, but I think the sway is a little much, especially noticeable since you keps looking left and right before you did anything.

Just wanted to thank you for such constructive feedback.
Respecting the thingie which you’re making mention to, it’s better known as “scanning”. I’m used to do that considering there would be third party elements around the area.