Welcome to C-RUST PVP Server

Don’t want to read then jump right in.

1. Start Rust
2. Open Console(F1) and type net.connect
3. Hit Enter
4. Enjoy. If you need anything ask.

Here at C-RUST we have an admin on almost all the time so if there is a hacker their gone pretty fast. All the admin are very friendly and will help you with anything. If your looking for a server that doesn’t have any confirmed hackers (because no server is hacker free) then join us were looking for fun active players who like to help,hunt, and kill each other. I will keep the post up to date with things that we’re working on getting implemented in the server and bugs that are being fixed. We will also host games of all categories to create even more competition.

**If you need help in game contact:

Feel free to send a F/R in case were out of game and there are no admins on.**


Airdrops on the server happen very frequently as they start as soon as the server has 5 survivors.


Join many quests and complete objectives to earn additional rewards.


Buy/Sell items, Display your balance, send money to others!

Starting Kits

Something to get you well…started…

Teleport to Friends

Use the /tpa [name], and /tpaccept [name] command to teleport to your friends.

Share Doors

Share doors with your friends to give them access to your base.


There are custom RustOxide plugins to prevent hackers from accessing the server.


Create your own groups, invite players to them, have your own dedicated chat channel, Type /ghelp for more information

Custom Commands

Private message your friends, Display the players online, Chat History, Location and more!

/kit – Displays the available kits
/kit starter – Redeems the starter kit.
/kit house – Something to keep you dry.

[Share Doors]
/share [playername] – Shares your doors with player.

[Teleport to player]
/tpa [playername] – Sends request to player to teleport to them.
/tpaccept [playername] – Accepts players request to teleport to you.

/money – Displays your balance
/money [player] [amount] – Sends money to play.

[Get Location Coordinates]
/location – Display X Y Z coordinates of your location

[Player List]
/list - Shows all the players connected to the server.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.

[Private Messaging]
/pm [player] [message] – Private messages (PM) a player

/gcreate [Name] – Create a group with this name
/gdelete – Delete a group
/ginvite [Playername] – Invite a player to your group
/gcancel – Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept – Accept the invitation
/gleave – Leave your current group
/g [Message] – Sends group message
/gwho – Shows online group members
/ghelp – Group help commands
/ginfo – Shows the group name and member count
/glist – Shows a list of all groups (names)

Well had a pretty fun first night 20+ players admins jumping off to work and sleep but hop on and join the community all friendly. Hosting battles and duels and arena almost everynight