C:S Huge Maps

Is there a map that is bigger than
And that uses C:S:S
And looks a bit like this

If you where wondering the map is Arma 2
Yours sincerely Derek Peanuts

The average Arma/DayZ map is around 225 km², where the Source engine map grid is roughly 1-1.5km from one side to the other. So, probably not, no.

max map size is 32766 x 32766 x 32766 (2 units for skybox, to have a valid room)

thats 624.19 meters (x3) or (stupid imperial stuff) 682.62 yards (x3)

the problem is, you cant make such huge forest maps in source. theres a max. entity / brushes limit. even if you use multiple trees as one model, theres a vertex count limit. there are not many maps with that much space. evocity is one of these, mobenix v2 and v3 and botmap_v3

play gm_bigcity, it pretty much sits right on the limit of how big a source map can be. If you want a bigger map than that then the only way it will happen is if you create an RP gamemode in a different engine like as an arma 3 mod or a standalone game or something

or shrink yourself and everything around you, like BP did with Collossal Sandbox
its broken and not available anymore

i believe the code is still out there and could be fixed but nobody really wants to because downscaling is a sloppy stopgap solution that ends up being very buggy

Thank you
I wanted a map for rp purposes though

If you really want a huge map you can try Evocity2 (not Evocity_v2), it’s even bigger than the original evocity and its derivatives. It’s the sequel to Evocity that no one uses because it is so big that it requires you to add “+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0” to the gmod launch options (right click on gmod in the steam library, click “properties”, then press the “Set Launch Options” button, then paste the code in there, you also need to add the code in the config files or launch bat [or launch options of whatever web host you’re using] of the server). You also need episode 1 and episode 2 mounted, plus it has custom materials and models you need to install. It is really huge though if that’s what you’re looking for.


Most of the links don’t work, but the filefront download for the actual map and content under the “Download links” subheading of the OP seems to work. Aside from that you just need Gmow 3 for some sounds but I can’t find a working link for it so just try the map without it.

If you do try it, let us know if it works.

It requires Ep1 and Ep2 Don’t it?