C-Sec Officer firing at an unknown enemy. About to get sliced up.


C&C Appreciated. If you are wondering which specimen he is firing at, it’s a Fleshpound.

Forgot to throw this in:

Credit to Tripwire Interactive and Bioware

the picture feels very empty, and the creature behind him very unnecessary, [del]it doesn’t seem to be getting ready to do anything.[/del] nevermind, i see that blade now.

it just looks thrown in.

the csec officer’s legs are a little widespread.

the muzzleflash is big and ugly

I probably should have put the creature in a more threatening pose then?

Also I wanted it to look like he was backing up/strafing while firing.

Garrus vs gorefast hmmmmm WHO WILL WIN??? the turian or the trench knife?

Garrus =/= C-Sec officer

Know the difference

Looks a little out of place what with the current day parking lot and all, but it isn’t bad.
Plus your avatar is goddamn distracting.

Ha yeah I couldn’t find any futuristic looking maps on garrysmod.org. The ones that are there are really old and low quality.