C-Sec Turians

[release]6 C-Sec Turians.

[release]Credits to:
Bioware - Original model/skins
Chilean Wolf - porting garrus, which the models are all based off.
FloaterTWO - Face skins and hexing.[/release]
[release]Download Link:http://filesmelt.com/dl/csec.zip
If there’s any problems with filesmelt, let me know and i’ll try to upload it to Gmod.org.[/release]

Woah, now that’s awesome! I foresee this being very useful indeed.

kewl, more mass effect stuff, awesome job

Did you not use the high res facemaps I sent you? How sad.

I didn’t notice any and i’d already made the facemaps by the time you’d sent me anything :saddowns:

I’ll take a look and see.

No oh god no!Why is it always filesmelt never filefront,or garysmod.org or anything that is easy.Or can someone atleats tell me how to work filesmelt.


Went a bit heavy on the phong there, but good none the less ^^

Did you not ask for model? how sad.

Its brings up another link to the same thing no matter how many times i press it.

mass effect 2, latex edition

I did what?

Hey, I decided with Haxxers permission to remake these guys with High res faces.


Let me know if you want them and I’ll finish them up and send them so you can add it to your release

Why’d everyone ask for my permission? :smiley:


Everything I release is open source, edit it to your liking

These are really nice. I have one question thought, where did you get that ME data-pad?


Ya of course, since you never bother to ask permission to the person who gave it to ya :v:


Go for it. It not like it’s his.

When was that computer pad released?

Right click the link and hit “Save as” or “Save Link As.” If it tries to save it as the archive then you’re good to go.

It wasn’t made as a big release, just kinda thrown out in a screen shot thread. Also have a look in the Mass Effect request thread, I think she linked to it in there

I threw it out on the minor release thread.

But yeah if you went to release the Turians, I’d have redone the phonging a bit if I were you.