C.T. aiming at something off screen.

All in game edit.


He leans a little much but other than that the posing is nice.


He’s aiming! Off-screen!

I almost fell out of my seat.

Yeah, too much off-screen aiming on this forum. It’s not really all that cool, especially without a totally rad angle, a perfect muzzleflash and probably even so something more to catch the eye, like an interesting model (something that shouldn’t be holding a gun, something otherwise odd or unusual, or just a very liked character that, for some odd enough reason, hasn’t yet been posed like that).

The posing is good though, so you’re not hiding your lack of posing skills with the generic approach, maybe just your lack of imagination. I’m not really anyone to say, though, I lack a lot of the imagination I should have at this age, and that I’d like to have. Have ever since I can remember, really.

No, I lack models. I have literally nothing.

HL2, which you’ve got to have, or posting on these forums and admitting you don’t would be a very bad idea, and CSS, from which that model is, again unless you’re not too smart posting here and practically advertising you’re practicing WAREZ, are enough for a lot. Way less would be enough for, say, a shootout with this guy on the other side and a terrorist, for example, from CSS on the other.

I don’t suspect you of it, though, just saying in case.


I have;
T.F. 2
H.L. 2
H.L.2: L.C.
H.L.2: E. 1
H.L.2: E. 2
D.o.D.: S.
C.S.: S.
H.L.: S.

I don’t have;
Any models. (Zombies, new soldiers etc.)

F*** those off-screen pointless pictures.

I dont give a shit about shooting off screen or aiming pics

Eh, haunched over to much