C# tutorials & things for learning

Maybe we can get some links to C# tutorials you find useful or other tools that help with learning/design. My personal request, does anyone know of a good book they have read & could recommend for a beginner?

:large_blue_diamond:C# Beginner Tutorials
TutorialsTeacher [I have been using this site recently & have found it very easy to digest.]

W3Schools [Covers the very foundation of programming, things like if statements, loops, classes, object oriented programming and even has a quiz to test your knowledge.]

:large_blue_diamond:Data Structures / Algorithms / ect
[I really like this one, check the Algorithms & Data Structure category in the left side menu.]

:large_blue_diamond:Visual Studio Code
[This is the editor I’m currently using, it is free. Also a more professional IDE: Visual Studio]

[ ReSharper extends Visual Studio with over 2200 on-the-fly code inspections & quick-fixes(light bulbs) for C# code.]
[There is a ResharperFake extension in Visual Studio Code as well.]


I recommend Jetbrains Rider or Visual Studio as an IDE.
And i also recommend learning Unity, so you will know what it’s like to make a game in C# (a lot of concepts will be the same in s&box i believe)


I second just using Unity in the mean time, gives you a good base to write and learn C# in.

If you’re an absolute beginner take a look at Unity’s roll-a-ball tutorial or something similar.

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Jetbrains Rider is pretty slow in my case but VS2019 should be enough or just VSCode .


I definitely recommend using ReSharper though if using Visual Studio, it really helps with coding practices and code quality. Visual Studio Code isn’t really an IDE, but an editor, so I wouldn’t use that for larger projects


Currently I have been using Unigine instead of Unity as my development platform in anticipation for S&box. No particular reason, but I have been able to work out ideas properly in game.

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Resharper is a godlike extension. It shows you possible bugs, adds instant search/navigation and many other stuff that is really helpful.

You can get a free student license too. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to become more efficient at writing code. Keep in mind that you need a good CPU for Resharper, especially when you are working on big projects.

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thank you sinor for the knowelg
i will use it well

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Great site. Has lots of content about vital algorithms and data structures.


I understand you’re looking for tutorials and resources for C#. I don’t have any up at the moment, but in the near future of S&box’s release I will make some tutorials for beginners and advanced to create projects using C# and working within the S&box environment. Additionally I will cover some Unity Tutorials using C#. Here’s a link to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/DanFMN/videos


If you guys already have a little programming background with either c++ or java or c then I recommend just going through all of these on w3 schools. It covers the very foundation of programming, things like if statements, loops, classes, object oriented programming and even has a quiz to test your knowledge.

Again programming language is just a tool to accomplish a goal, the important part is what you learn from these tools and how you apply them.

More important than learning programming language is working on enhancing your critical problem solving skills, learning to think not just in one direction but being able to evaluate your situation and coming up with a creative solution to solving that problem.


I’ve been using the ResharperFake extension Visual Studio Code has & it is SOOO helpful. Thanks for recommending Resharper.

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