C130 flies in the snowy mountains

Original: http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt157/resistance77_2009/gm_construct0006.jpg

All I did was again place a plane in construct and did this, I dunno

Trying this model out

Looks out of place.

Gahh, a ghost plane! Look, there’s no pilots! Oh my god, look!


Looks like it’s gonna crash.

It doesn’t blend very well.

Why would it be flying so close to the mountain and why is there no pilot?

Omg guis wat map is tat?! Oh, wait a minute… You just, photoshopped a prop into a mountain background?

Nice photoshop. could use some work…No pilots in the cockpit. (tee hee "cock-pit).

Maybe it’s gonna crash and without pilots because the pilots bailed out.


Or maybe… It’s a plane droven by melons that are piloting it too the nearest mingebag base at transexual,tranvania!!!

It feels too empty.