C17 Innercity project

Okay so I’ve lost one of my best projects in a hdd corruption and thought it’s time to rebuild it.
I’ve just spent my whole day building and animating this shit so it’ll might as well have its own thread .


Comments and criticism are welcome of course.

Can watch me map it further here:

Looks amazing. Love the detail you put into it.

Looks excellent, now is this going to be part of a mod?

It’s only one map,a mod is way much work.

Aw, but it’s so beautiful :saddowns:

I don’t think anyone has done this before. Looks great. What’s it used for?

Oh my GOD!!! That’s neat!!

this map is delicious :hawaaaafap:

Suggestion: Is it possible when the siren goes off the crows fly away? That’d make it cooler.

But so far it is bad-ass.

Originaly ,the camera was supposed to go into the street and crows did fly away at the start of the siren,but then I reversed the camera to go out of it and they remain out of sight.Gonna add some more though ,great suggestion.


You can also watch me map it here:

That’s some very nice work there Lamarr. You really captured the HL2 quality.

If this map is released. I will love you.

The dark lighting definitely creates a better atmosphere than the day you had a while ago, looks great!

Color correction saves the day. Also, that video was really awesome.

There is no color correction believe it or not.


EDIT: Okay I stand corrected. THERE IS NO CC.

Wow, that is gorgeous.

loving the attention to detail! And the linking in with the shakes and movements of all the models and walls breaking, brilliant. Big thumbs up here!

I entered this thread expecting a crappy map.

I am happy to say I was completely wrong, this looks sexy.

The concept-style Citadel is awesome.