C17 Machinima Experiment

This is a machinima experiment I’ve been workin’ on. It’s my first machinima attempt, so that’s why the quality isn’t that great. But still, I think it makes for a mediocre laugh.

PLOT: One of the most popular Combine strip clubs in City 17 is under attack by a horde of zombies, due to to the carelessness of the club’s owner: Wallace Breen. After a tenuous battle, the employees manage to fend off the zombies, but suffer a bitter betrayal.

Here is the link:

could use alot of work.
try to remove the hud completly so your left with a nice clean screen,
try to get better camera angles,
do better poseing,
work with the structure of the plot, i had no idea what was going on.
try not to use gm_constuct.

Regarding the HUD, how can it be turned off? I looked for hotkeys but I couldn’t find any. I also tried working with the camera tool but then I was unable to animate the ragdolls.

Yeah, the plot’s messy. It’s due to lack of appropriate dialogue.

Thanks for the feedback!

to remove the hud, type in the console ‘hud_draw 0’.
it should work.

Thanks! It worked.