C4 and asset destruction alternatives

okay so, big problem so far is C4, how common it is and how easily it can lead to a server being nothing but husks of ruined bases etc. The role it plays is definitely needed but i think it should be a bit more of a risk vs reward style of play.

im going to use some terms and systems from an older MMO thats main feature was open world pvp and city construction “Shadowbane” i know there are probably a lot of old SB players here because of the similarities

enter the Siege hammer/weapons. in SB the world was essentially empty like RUST, most structures were placed by players and guilds.
just like rust these were originally vulnerable 24/7

siege weapons were really the only items that did real damage to structures while regular weapons barely scratched them (comparable to the gap b/w a rock and c4) these siege weapons had a lot of drawbacks (very weak vs players, extremely heavy very expensive) which basically made them garbage for anything but raiding other peoples bases.

to apply this to rust the weapon its self could force a movement speed penalty to any user with one in their inventory (similar but not = the crafting penalty)

this basically means to raid you need a group and that you are taking a risk by raiding and if you fail there is a cost sink in doing so.

SB also featured much stronger anti-structure items like siege weaponry that had long build times etc.

its pretty similar to rust when it comes to player structures etc. so i think its old systems are a great place to find ways to deal with the open pvp world and asset destruction (they had years of dealing with things like midnight grief raids etc) the building management systems were also quite good at dealing with repairs upgrades and access lists

its is no longer running and the primary websites were taken down however there are close to 1000 people still watching and testing a emulator project of fans trying to recreate the servers and resurrect the game (http://shadowbaneemulator.com/)

once the duping hackers are addressed I think that c4 will become much less common.