C4 and Balance

frankly c4 is either loved or hated by most people. From my play time i noticed 2 things people with c4 have a huge advantage in the game. people with out are frequent targets of players with c4 because of no way to retaliate.this creates a imbalance.

its not that c4 is not found in rad towns its quite easily found. its the uber rare explosives recipe that is the problem. once some one has this recipe they have a huge advantage.

here are my thoughts a lot of people would call for the removal of explosives recipe to begin with. frankly i think its just too rare of a drop.

more people have the recipe means more predators i know this. but those predators are more likely to fight each other for dominance.

instead of preying on the weak.

Interesting, however I currently like the system besides the fact that it takes 1 C4 to blow down a wood wall however it takes 2 to blow down a door. I personally think this should be the other way around because it makes it a little more easier to survive. If this was incorporated with your idea the result would probably be for worse. But hey, at least you wouldn’t have to log off with a 5 story 8x8 home to prevent yourself from being raided by the “top dogs” of whatever server you play on. Overall, preying on the weak is part of survival. Surviving by any means possible is this games biggest standing point in my opinion it forces players to make friends in order to gain power and take down those larger groups with team work and effort.

I shared ideas about balancing C4 here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1359138 I would appreciate your comments.

Do you realize how many resources are required to make C4? It’s insane! I believe C4 is okay, because once you get C4 of your own, you’re gonna go to town and blow other people’s stuff up. It’s a survival game.

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Yeah, just watch Walking Dead. There’s always some a-hole out there that wants to blow up your house.