c4 and rockets too powerful

I have built two armor buildings in two days both destroyed with c4 and rockets …it seems to be way too easy to make c4 and the armor is just not as powerful …this is why there is half blowing up buildings all over the map just to sit there and cause more lag…well anyway I am getting sick of starting on the beach so time for me to move on.

No, it takes a very long time to make 1 c4 in crafting time alone. To make 3 c4 for one armored wall takes a very long time. If they go in via c4, they spent a long time dedicated to getting in your house.

It sounds like you’ve never even tried making C4 for yourself, and you have clearly failed to adapt to playing solo in a group focused game. Sounds like your problem, not the game’s.

There’s nothing wrong with the way C4 is atm. It’s well balanced, IMO.

You need to learn to build a more secure base, and you need to learn to team up with people. If you want to play solo in relative safety, move to a low population or PvE only server.

C4 is very easy to make. Once I have base going I will have tons of sulfur ore. The bottle neck is gunpowder production, but that is easily done afk. Im doing this solo np. Imagine a group.

Its harder to find the BP then actually making C4. Especially compared to how long it takes to make multiple defense rows ( i do not count buildups or water bases as those are semi-cheats ).

Even on the server i play one guy solo raided two buildings today with C4… While it can take a long time to make C4, its off-set by the massive amount of walls a base defender needs to make.

I said it before, you can make 10 walls around your base ( or have a honeycomb base with 10 walls ). You are forced to make: 2² + 4² + 6² + 8² + 10² … walls ( just on the ground floor ). If you stick to stone, its not too difficult but the moment you want more protection like armored, you are crafting the same like anybody making C4. With the different that you need to do all your walls in a ring because having lets say 8 walls + 2 rock walls … guess what wall anybody will breach.

The amount of resources for armored is so bad, that you just focus on stone walls these days. And maybe armored on a lower / close to your center of base. And your doors / door frame.

I found that your better instead of wasting vast amounts of wood in processing the metal ore, to just build barricade after barricade with armored doorway’s. And makes anybody trying to twig build think twice because if this miss the jump, they die in the barricades.

Its way more annoying for the raiders. Unless they are in a big clan, most bases do get raided with relative ease. All it takes is one breach point and they tunnel in. This is always been the dilemma for any fortress or base builders in the past. When a enemy focuses on one point, there amount of resources to breach that point is not eq to the mass the entire building took. There is a reason why castles lost there meaning with the invention of gunpowder. And people in game are using C4 on walls a fraction the size that castle used to have. So of course bases are easy to breach and people need to resort to bad cheats to protect there stuff ( like buildups or water bases ).

C4 and rockets are somewhat balanced,you aren’t playing on a modded server by chance?

build your Inner walls to armored this is your central place and should have stairs placed on somewhere for building upwards, then place foundations outside these walls upgraded to armored, next place two blocks upgraded to armored on top of these foundations finally place walls encasing the blocks and a floor on top all up graded to armored. you just keep doing this on all levels and expand outwards.

I am one of the people who has been complaining for a VERY long time about how unbalanced raiding was in the game. After the latest update or two, it has become much more reasonable. C4 takes a considerable amount of time and resources to build. It’s so time- and resource-intensive now that players have to genuinely consider whether they’ll loot enough resources to make up for all the resources spent on building C4.

Long story short, raiding still isn’t perfect, but it has come a LONG way since just a few months ago. It has been massively improved and is now reasonable. We’re at about 90% of where I personally want it to be, which means that I have no complaints and am very happy.

Raiding will always be part of the game.

i did not craft any rocket, but have 10 in my chest, yes all from barel drop. 10 rocket can make almost 2 dameg of c4. just remove rockets from barels.

Does make it a bit harder to defend against rockets but its not too bad. Had a raid attempt on my base yesterday, its 12 sided 6 story armor/stone/metal tower. They C4’d through the perimeter wall and into the bottom of the base, then fired 15+ rockets upwards, gutted most of the internal structure because the floors were almost all metal. Took out a few stone walls too.

Main loot room escaped though because it had an armored floor, and all the good stuff was on the half height shelves in that room which was further protection, so I only really lost some junk loot that had been lower down. By some sort of miracle my second gun chest lower down the tower was sitting intact on the only unbroken floor on its level, so that was saved too.

Bit of a grudge raid by that group, they’d made 2 previous and completely unsuccessful attempts on my base with just C4 (plus one raid driven off because they tried while I was home), then I’d gone and raided them and taken 45k processed sulfur and a bunch of guns :smiley:

Haven’t got the rocket launcher yet myself but I can still get on the roof of their base with a tower, so I’m going to go C4 raid them again once I’ve repaired damage (and you better believe I’m going to be using armored floors this time lol).

youve been lucky i guess. i ran around the map knocking barrels for 5-6 hours. i got 1 gun blueprint, 1 c4 blueprint, enough sulfur for 10 C4, but zero rocket or rocket launcher. rockets are uber rare in my experience, on par with the waterpipe shotgun.

I wouldn’t say they are that rare (played like 400 hours of the new Rust and never seen the waterpipe bp)… Rockets aren’t common enough to be a problem in barrels though, for sure, I do a lot of barrel/radtown farming and I only found 3-4 so far.

Only problems I see about everything related to launchers/rockets is the fact they are cheaper than c4. Now that I can make both the launcher and rockets, I have stopped making c4 altogether, there is just no reason to use it… The cost/damage ratio is significantly better with rockets and they can be shot from a good range (not exactly in a reliable manner, but still).

IMHO here is what needs to happen:

  • c4 needs to be about 10%-20% cheaper than rockets
  • Walls of sheet/armored need to be immune to all but rockets/c4/nades and more resistant to them vs what they are now (i’d say 2c4 sheet, 4c4 armored)
  • Make doors weaker than walls, legacy style (1c4 per sheet, 2c4 per armored)
  • c4 splash damage needs to be toned down. I want a directed breaching charge, not a circular explosion that does as much damage to the ceiling/floor as it does to the wall I put it on.
  • Explosions need to stop damaging stuff that is shielded by stuff that is still standing (ie: a crate blowing up on the other side of the wall before said wall is down is bad business). I’m fine with a bit of damage, or perhaps leftover damage from the last charge, but right now, a base composed of 1x1’s is pretty much unraidable with c4, everything will be destroyed before you get to it.
  • Cupboards need to block upgrading only so we can use twig, furnaces, sleeping bags, crates, etc. The magical cupboard thing is just not realistic… Blocking upgrading either, but it would be specifically to prevent people from griefing, nothing else.

… but that’s just me.

I’m usually a builder/raider in Rust… Can’t say I find the time to raid now and so far, other than pick axe raids I have zero profit from raiding. I’ve been really good at destroying other people’s stuff, not so much at looting it thanks to c4’s city-block range.

I find both C4 and Rockets are balanced. I like that C4 is a lot more time consuming than in legacy.

my double armored base on one server has never been breached - lots of attempts but nothing past first wall.

I use a honeycomb of 5x6 base with each room armored and armored doors and stairs in the middle.

I also have cupboards 2 deep in the building and a few around the area in armored buildings with keys that I have thrown away.

we have a 7 man team we got 2-3 rocket/day from barrels.

it’s maybe a problem of knowledge of the game; if your house get pwnd every time is because you let it appear like a good treasure, worth to be opened.

Yeah, I see this a lot. Especially on servers that I admin. People build bases in highly visible, heavily traveled areas (like spawn points or big open fields), then complain about how “unfair” it is that someone raided them (or, more likely, they scream “admin abuse” or “hacker”).

Rust has made HUGE improvements in balance over the past few months. Players now have to give serious thought to whether or not raiding is worth it (ie, will they get enough loot out of the raid to make up for all the time & resources they put into making C4 or tools). If you want to survive, you need to hide your base away or make it look less obvious. Better yet, use a series of small, well-hidden bases across the map. Failing any of those ideas, team up and build a fortress featuring multiple layers of armored walls with separate foundations.

I think the are still improvements to be made in raiding mechanics. Prying open window bars or doors with a crowbar is a LOT more plausible than hatcheting away at a wall or using explosives, but where we stand today is MUCH better than it ever has been. We’re now at the point where the player has more responsibility than ever at making their base raid-proof.

The problem everyone is missing is that it’s impossible to balance C4/Rockets vs defense right now.

If you balance it for the bases and production capacity of larger groups, then small groups and solo players will get slaughtered and be unable to fight back. If you balance it for small groups and solo players then the large groups will be invincible and unstoppable.

The only way to balance this is to change other aspects of the game and narrow the gap between the large groups and small groups or solo players. Until then, there will never be a reasonable middle-ground for balanced raiding.

Rockets need a little tweaking, but this is the most balanced Rust has been in ages. C4 takes a lot of time and materials to craft. Moreso if you have to build enough to successfully raid a well-constructed base. Then, give the potential for damage to inside items, you have to consider whether or not you’ll loot enough materials to make up for what you lost crafting the C4.

It’s not perfect, but it’s about 90% of where it needs to be right now.

Agreed. This is the most balanced Rust has ever been. It’s not perfect, but they’re getting there.