C4 blueprint already

10 minutes me and my friend are in game and we already have explosive, so 2 questions :

  1. Do we need something else than explosive like legacy ?

  2. How is the drop rate ? 10 minute to get explosive for me is lucky or the drop rate is too high (should be 10 times more rare than ak blueprint).

Explosives aren’t C4. They’re used to make C4.

it was like this in legacy, my question 2 is exacly that, is in the new rust c4 made with 2 BP ?

yes you need blue print for explosives and then blue print for i think its called “Timed exlposive charge”

Yeah, you still need the explosive charge BP.

And about drop rate ? is any of you gang have found more of one than the other ?

where did you find the explosive ? barrel or rad town ? what about C4 blueprint ?

hopefully the BP will not be that easy to find and somewhat rare, last thing we need is bombs everywhere which is why many of us modded our servers to control far to many bombs being made in the world. You should really have to work to find something like C4 BP’s. Heck I still haven’t found a rifle bullet BP and been playing for weeks.

I’ve played for about 50 hours and dont even have a gun blueprint yet sooo fuk you

According to the website playrust.com, in the list of items, there are 4 tier for items.
Common, uncommon, rare, and veryrare.

For example:
Pistol bullet = uncommon
5.56 ammo = rare
AK = very rare

explosive = rare
C4 = very rare.

So based on this, the C4 explosive blueprint would be as rare as the AK blueprint.

btw immediately after i download this’ monday update, i play for 1 minute and already found the C4 blueprint. i spawned next to the 1house radtown, and the second container had it. The AK blueprint took me 20 hours of farming, and the server i found it crashed and is no longer online. At the moment the only interesting bp i have is C4 but i dont have explosive.