C4 Bomb unweld/unfreeze

Hello fellow gmod players!

i’ve treid making an swep like this, but failed every time.

so i am asking if someone knows about a weapon that is available for download, that looks like an c4 wich you can place down& is able to stick on props/walls and on detonation it will unweld & unfreeze props in a certain radius.
i’ve been looking for a swep like this for years to be honest, but every bomb that i find wich unfreezes/unwelds stuff is only throw able.

so please help me out here! i cant find any other website where i am able to place a requests and i dont even know if im in the right place here.

thanks in advance,
No.Reponse * - wrote my account name wrong >.<

Check the TTT C4 entity


alright thanks! got it :smiley: