C4 Bug ?

Currently on the server I play on a single C4 Breaks metal doors in one hit. Not only that but I reckon 2 will blow the entire 1x1 block with the AOE

I’ve never heard of this happening. Ask the owner or admin about it.

Are you playing on a modded server?

Is it a Orignal Rust server or modded ?

If its modded… maybe admin changed damage of C4…

Hmmmm maybe the decay is different on the server?

I am guessing you are playing on a server that uses the magma plugin or rust++ ? The server I play on currently has this as well. We’re guessing it’s a config setting somewhere, but the admins haven’t had the time to look for it as there is a lot of stuff going on with the server crashing and stuff like that atm.

Couldn’t the door be damaged?