C4 calculator (legacy & experimental)

I’ve done a C4 calculator for fun! I decided to share it!

You can Calculate How many C4 you can make with your ressources AND you can calculate How many ressources you need to make “x” C4!

Have fun


I’d like to be able to punch in that I want 5 C4, and then have it tell me how much I need of each resource. I’m not terribly concerned with how many C4 I can make with resources already on-hand (which is what your calculator seems to calculate).

It’s cool and all, and I appreciate it-- but its not doing what I had hoped it would. Please don’t make me bust out the Excel spreadsheet.

I’ll try do it! Thank you

as Dionysus9 said would be cool if yo could make it so we enter the amount of c4 then see a full list of what is needed to make it, great calculator though thanks for sharing.

Dionysus9 and Phil_Arrow Thank you for your reply!

I’ve added the calculator for ressources!

I didn’t tested alot but it seems to work!

It says leather, there is no leather in experimental. Do I ignore that or is it inaccurate/

There is a small bubble which you click to switch it to experimental. Also- bump because he added Dionysus’ suggestion.

Oh just noticed.

Yes legacy is by default as I mostly play legacy cause my PC is very old!

Should i add rocket??

Thanks JJ, it works great now. I’ll probably use it from time to time. Thanks for adding that.

If you add rockets I’d add it as a separate calculation in a different section so its not confusing.

Cool idea. Thanks dude!