C4 Explosive.

Hey guys. This is my first SWep so it’s not exactly perfect, but it’s decent.

It acts as a grenade, I know that. Only difference is that it makes props unfreeze. If you’re one of those people just wanting a regular old C4 with no extra addons; this will probably be for you.

Keep it up, Dont worry about the people who click the dumb button because they can only press the button to rate

Please post it to workshop :slight_smile:

It’s his first swep guys… give him a break.

Thanks for the support guys… Yeah I realize it’s not exactly a good C4. Iv’e seen the ones that plant on walls, but I couldn’t find any working for GMod 13.

How about taking a look at the code of the C4 in TTT?

Wow. I cannot believe I forgot about that… Thanks man.